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- In order to promote the new Amadeus furniture collection, I was asked to create a staging. The color codes are gray, black and wine color. I added some plants to give a little life. The lamp and the vases are copper colored to bring a precious effect.

- For the second window, I used black and gray tones with a classic style, the red carpet and the apple bring warmth.

- Creation of a podium in the form of a waterfall for the flowers Lou de Castellane. The lamp, it brings a feeling of intimacy at nightfall.

 - Podium composed of black furniture with fine marquetry for some and sober trays for others. A small orange and linen heater brings color and brightness.

- For the metallic Medici style vase, I decided to create a floral composition on an antique theme. It is composed of orange and green flowers.

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