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Creation of a decorative box about the Renaissance period in order to recreate the atmosphere and themes of Botticelli's painting Le Printemps, which is the major source of inspiration and the starting point for reflection.

Here, I use elements from the Renaissance period such as the work of perspective, chiaroscuro, nature and its eternal renewal, as well as themes borrowed from Greco-Roman mythology.

To create this box, the trees were created from a metal structure covered with papier mâché and then painted by hand.

The bulbs represent the golden apples of the Garden of the Hesperides, which is painted by Botticelli.  They bring a soft and warm tone.

The drape of the dresses is represented by red curtains and translucent white veils.

On the back wall and floor there is a mirror create an  impression of an infinite nature. It also allows the spectator to become an actor in the painting.

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