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For this project, I was asked to decorate a Haussmann apartment in which the client can receive her clients with the creation of a living room - office space.


At her request, I created a dressing-room and a sports area.

Enhancement of a collection of statues and masterpieces by exhibition under professional light.

The atmosphere is contemporary, sober and relaxed with a harmony of muted and natural colors with some bright color tips provided by accessories.

The incorporation of home automation gives a touch of modernity with the installation of touch-activated and remote-controlled switches in the living room, dining room and bedroom.

HAUSSMANN Planche tendance.jpg
mise en page plan texturé - PNG.png

The walls will be covered with paint, highlighting the Haussmann style mouldings, with the combination of two different shades (one light and one slightly darker):

- grey for the living room (the mouldings and the inside of the frames in darker grey and the rest in light grey);

- "taupe" for the bedroom (the bottom of the walls and mouldings in darker taupe and the top of the walls in light taupe).

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sport copie.jpg
Appartement finisam vers fen copie.jpg
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Appartement fini2 copie.jpg
Appartement fini1 copie.jpg
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