For this project, I was asked to refurbish a lounge in which the client can receive her guests but also with a space where she can play music.


At her request, I created a harmony of green & pink colours and kept her wall photo frames and the piano.


Two proposals have been made around a classic grey sofa and a pink sofa.

The atmosphere is contemporary, sober and relaxed. Based on a harmony of pastel colours, it is composed of powdered pink, water green, light grey and white.

LEDUC Planche tendance.jpg
19 planche mobilier canape gris.jpg

The wall in front of the window is covered with water green wallpaper with white foliage patterns.


The wall surrounding the fireplace and the wall where the window is located are painted powder pink. The sofa is in light grey to provide a neutral base so that the customer does not get bored quickly. The cushions are decorated with a modern motif using the main colours of the room.

The armchairs are in old pink velvet for a warmer side. The carpet has a chevron pattern also reminiscent of the colours of the living room and in luminous tones. The suspension is in hand-woven fabric and in powder shades that bring softness.


The bookcase is in cream lacquer which warms the white side of the walls. The curtains are in the same spirit as the paper and are therefore a reminder of the paper.


The TV cabinet has contemporary and sober lines with integrated storage, as do the coffee tables.


27 planche mobilier canape rose.jpg

As in the previous proposal, the atmosphere is based on the same colours. The differences are as follows:


- A pink sofa that gives a warm and cocooning touch to the living room


- The cushions take up the colours of the space with more pep to energise the whole thing.


- The armchairs are made of silver velvet, bringing luminosity to the ensemble.


- The carpet is in an art deco style bringing a sophisticated touch to the decoration.

- The suspension is made of wood, offering a natural effect and a play of light when switched on.


- The TV cabinet has sober lines in white melamine and wood with integrated storage units, as well as the coffee table with sliding top.