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- A set of furniture in grey matte lacquer enhanced by a red decoration. The table is covered with ceramic and the seats are in red leather.

- Modular sofa in light grey fabric with dark grey lumbar support.

Cowhide rug dyed in pink, anise green, gray and black. The seats are in pep tones that give the set a modern touch.

 - The accompanying dining set is made of solid oak with tempered glass legs. The whole set is embellished with a re-edition of designer chairs.

- A cozy atmosphere with neutral tones. The metal is very present. The furniture is covered with a ceramic plate giving it a workshop style.

- With white tones, the addition of turquoise and gray lacquer strips gives it a modern feel. The table is covered with a dark gray ceramic to which we added chairs in the same color as the ceramic to create a reminder that is also found on the furniture.

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