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BORD DE MER Planche ambiance.jpg


In a spirit of conviviality and reorganization, the Merci store  makes a call  for tenders. I have made two style proposals.

The restaurant and reading area are all located in the same place.

The first proposal is on the theme of the "Seaside". With the installation of sand-coloured panelling and white furniture that emphasise this style.  

The decoration has been designed so that the sobriety of the materials and the furniture perfectly match the space.

INDUS Planche ambiance.jpg

The second theme is Industrial.

With walls left raw and a cast floor in grey waxed concrete, which gives this space a contemporary look. Red, black and wood will predominate.

The furniture that has been selected is made of wood and metal, which respects the restaurant's concept. The furniture fits perfectly into the space.

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